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Are you facing the complexities of divorce in Fort Lauderdale? At Ostrovsky Law, we can help you get resolution during your family's toughest time, including divorce, alimony, child support and family legal matters. Contact us for a confidential consultation.

  • Provide A Thorough Evaluation of Your Situation
  • Explain Every Step of The Divorce Process
  • Answer Your Divorce Related Questions
  • Discuss Potential Divorce Outcomes and Costs
  • Personalized Approach to Your Unique Needs
  • Protect Your Rights

“Danielle M. Ostrovsky is the best family law attorney I have ever worked with. And let me tell you I tried a couple. Most of them were very negative and asked for a high retainer. Except for attorney Ostrovsky. From our first meeting, she explained everything to me in terms I could easily understand.”

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    Types of Family Law Cases We Handle

    • Divorce
    • Alimony
    • Child Support
    • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
    • High Net Worth Divorce
    • Paternity

    Considering a divorce? Danielle Ostrovsky is the guiding light representing you through your family’s toughest transitions.


    Why Us?

    • FAQExtensive Experience and Empathy
    • At Ostrovsky Law, we have extensive experience in handling complex divorce cases. We know that divorces can be messy and emotionally draining, especially when family members are involved. That's why we provide dedicated and empathetic legal representation to protect your rights and ensure a proper resolution.

    • FAQTrusted Guidance and Support
    • When you choose Ostrovsky Law as your divorce attorney, you can trust that we will fight for your best interests. We will guide you through the entire legal process, explaining your options and helping you make informed decisions. Our goal is to ease your stress and provide the support you need during this challenging time.

    • FAQCommitment to Compassionate Service
    • What sets us apart is our commitment to providing compassionate and personalized service. We understand the delicate nature of divorce and the fallout that occurs within families. We know that each case is unique, and we take the time to listen to your concerns and tailor our approach accordingly. You can rely on us to be there for you, advocating for your rights and working towards a fair resolution.

    • FAQAbout Ostrovsky Law
    • With a focus solely on marital and family law matters Ostrovsky Law has developed extensive expertise and a deep understanding of the complexities and nuances involved in these cases. From divorce proceedings to issues of spousal support, parental responsibility, timesharing, paternity, equitable distribution of assets and liabilities, high-net-worth asset division, child support, modifications, and contempt of support, our Fort Lauderdale Law firm has the knowledge and skills to handle a wide range of family law matters.


    Danielle represented me in my divorce proceedings. She was highly professional, making certain that I understood my options and the pros and cons of each choice. She also acted with great empathy as I worked through what was an emotionally challenging process for me. I appreciate that Danielle and her team were available to explain each step of the process as I needed and did so in a way that minimized my costs while helping to achieve a fair and equitable settlement. I would confidently recommend Danielle and her firm for anyone in need of top notch family law services

    - B.W


    Danielle M. Ostrovsky is the best family law attorney I have ever worked with. And let me tell you I tried a couple. Most of them were very negative and asked for a high retainer. Except for attorney Ostovsky.From our first meeting, she explained everything to me in terms I could easily understand (English is not my first language)and she was always very responsive when I had questions outside of our meetings. All you have to do just send her an email and she will respond to me in a very quick manner .If anyone is looking for a knowledgeable attorney at a great price, then I recommend her!.

    - J.D


    God sent Danielle M. Ostrovsky “Danielle was a beacon of hope to me at a time when my options appeared limited. I thought the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed nigh on impossible because it appeared that a lot of time, men get the short end of the stick. Not only was she able to defend me from an unjust divorce after my motorcycle accident, where it appeared that I wouldn’t fully recover. She stood in the gap and fought for me. As a result, I was granted equal shared custody of my son. She was a beast in the courtroom, yet her calm and empathetic demeanor outside offered emotional succor to myself and those I care about most. I am eternally grateful for her service, and I hereby recommend Mrs. Ostrovsky without reservation.

    - S.B


    If you are considering a divorce, let us guide you through the process. Start with a consultation to discuss your needs.

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